The Missouri Strip Trial Program

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A New Opportunity for Farmers and Crop Advisors

Field Strip Trials

2016 Cover crop trial comparing winter wheat, cereal rye, and no cover. Three replications.

The Missouri Strip Trial Program is a new, grower-focused program designed to help Missouri farmers and crop advisors compare on-farm management decisions and practices in a low-cost, low-risk setting.

This program will use on-farm and field-scale research to provide growers with farm-specific data and information they can use to guide decisions and evaluate best management practices while protecting or improving their bottom line.

The program tools and personalized summary report will be available at no cost for Missouri growers involved in the strip trial program.

Currently recruiting the following trials for 2019:

  • Cover Crop Comparison trials (to be planted in the fall of 2018)
  • Cover Crop Termination Date trials
  • Nitrogen Response trials
  • Phosphorus trials
  • ILeVO Seed Treatment trials
  • Fungicide trials
  • Other trials may be available, please contact program staff for more information.

For more information:

If interested in having a strip trial, please contact the strip trial project coordinator, Theresa Musket, your local University of Missouri Extension Agronomy or Natural Resource Engineering Specialist, or the program staff listed at the bottom of the page.

Trials being conducted in 2018:

  • Nitrogen Response trials
  • Cover Crop Comparison trials
  • Cover Crop Termination Date trials
  • Phosphorus trials
  • ILeVO Seed Treatment trials
  • Fungicide trials

Location of 2018 Trials:

Map of 2018 Strip Trials

How the Program works:

Farmers use their own equipment to conduct on-farm research in their own fields.

Participating farmers work with a specialist from the University of Missouri Extension, or other crop consultant of their choice to guide the planning, implementation and methodology used for the trial.

This extra guidance and assistance helps ensure growers receive a reliable, statically valid and unbiased evaluation of a particular practice, method or idea.

Program Tools:

Strip trials are just as they sound, multiple long strips laid out side-by-side in a field that have different management practices - also called treatments. The treatment "strips" are created using a grower's own field scale equipment.

Results and information from trials:

When coupled with in-season aerial imagery and GPS referenced yield monitor data, trials allow farmers to evaluate two or three agronomic treatments through carefully managed, side-by-side comparisons.


Results are compiled into a personalized report for each participating farmer. Growers will also have access to aggregated results from trials in their area and across the state to evaluate the effectiveness and the economic pros and cons of the different management practices.

Individual results are kept strictly confidential. Statewide and regional results will be summarized for outreach purposes and to highlight and promote existing farm practice advancements and BMP adoption in Missouri.

List of 2017 Trials:

Location of 2017 Trials:

Map of 2017 Strip Trials

Sponsoring Partners:

This program is made possible by support from the Missouri Corn and Soybean Merchandising Councils, their checkoff and the University of Missouri Cooperative Extension Service.

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