ILeVO® Seed Treatment Trials

ILeVO® is a seed treatment that is labelled to decrease the incidence of sudden death syndrome (SDS) and to reduce the occurrence of soybean cyst nematode (SCN) numbers in the soil.

ILeVO® Trial Background Information:

Sudden death syndrome (SDS) is caused by the soil-borne fungus Fusarium virguliforme entering plants through the root system and results in defoliation and premature plant death. Additionally, SDS symptoms can increase in severity when soybean cyst nematode (SCN) is present. The fungicide/nematicide seed treatment ILeVO® (active ingredient fluopyram) has shown benefits for protection of soybean seedlings from SDS and also for activity against SCN.

This trial was set up to test soybean treated with the ILeVO® Seed Treatment versus soybean not treated ILeVO® Seed Treatment to determine if the ILeVO® seed treatment reduces SDS occurrence and SCN populations while increasing yield performance.

Each ILeVO® trial is custom designed to work within the individual farmer’s designated field using their own equipment to plant and harvest the treatment strips in their field. Each farmer chooses the variety of soybean to be planted. Each field is laid out with a minimum of five strips of ILeVO® treated seed and five strips of seed not treated with ILeVO®. The width of the strips are designed to accommodate the individual size of the farmer’s own equipment.

In the example below, red is the strips of ILeVO® treated seed, yellow is the strips of non-ILeVO® treated seed, green is rest of the field. The blue points are where soil samples were taken. In this example, the farmer made two passes with the planter for each treatment.

Example of ILeVO® Trial Layout

ILeVO® Trials Data Summary

In 2017, 20 ILeVO® trials were conducted in eight Missouri counties. In 2018, nine ILeVO® trials were conducted in seven Missouri counties. The following tables and graph summarize the 2017 and 2018 ILeVO® trial data.

Table 1. Summary of results from the 2017 and 2018 ILeVO® strip trials.


Graph 1. 2017 and 2018 Yield Differences of ILeVO® versus non-ILeVO® treatments.

This graph shows the yield differences of each ILeVO® trial. The trials are sorted highest to lowest from top to bottom. Each black dot shows an individual yield result. The gold dot shows the overall yield average for each trial.


Table 2. Background information for the 2017 and 2018 ILeVO® trial locations.


Summary Reports for Individual ILeVO® Trial locations:

Summary Reports for 2018 ILeVO® Trial locations:

1. Ralls County 4. Barton County   8. Knox County
2. Lafayette County 5. Lincoln County   9. Audrain County
3. Barton County 6. Warren County 10. Barton County

Summary Reports for 2017 ILeVO® Trial locations:

1. Lincoln County   6. Lincoln County 11. Lincoln County 16. Barton County
2. Lincoln County   7. Lincoln County 12. Audrain County 17. Platte County
3. Ralls County   8. Holt County 13. Barton County 18. Ralls County
4. Lafayette County   9. Warren County 14. Audrain County 19. Holt County
5. Barton County 10. Adair County 15. Audrain County 20. Lafayette County

Maps of Individual ILeVO® Trial locations:

Below is a map showing the locations of the 20 ILeVO® strip trials in 2017.

Map of 2017 ILeVO® Trials

Below is a map showing the locations of the 9 ILeVO® strip trials in 2018.

Map of 2018 ILeVO® Trials

ILeVO® is a registered trademark of BASF.